Five Little Tips To Make Wearing Contact Lenses Safer And Easier

Contacts allow you to see the world clearly without bulky glasses, but they can present a few challenges. It is also important to wear them in such a way that minimizes your risk of infection and other complications. By following these five simple tips, you can make life with contact lenses safer and easier.

Remember to change your storage solution every day.

A lot of lens wearers become a little lazy and start putting their lenses into the same solution night after night. This is a bad idea, since bacteria can build up in the solution and lead to an eye infection. Remember to dump your solution and replace it with new solution every night. Keeping your contact case next to the sink can serve as a reminder – the sink is right there to make dumping easier.

Always put the right lens in first.

It's all too easy to accidentally put the lens for your right eye into your left eye, or to confuse the two and have trouble figuring out which is which. You can prevent this type of issue by getting into the habit of always putting the right lens before the left lens. After a few weeks, it will become natural to always reach for the right lens first and you won't have to think about it.

Carry a bottle of contact solution with you at all times.

Purchase a little bottle of contact solution, and carry it with you in your purse or bag. This way, if something gets stuck on your contact, you can remove it from your eye and rinse it off easily. You won't have to spend hours with an itchy contact or risk it getting dried out if you remove it.

Don't touch the tip of your solution bottle to your finger, lens, or other item.

This can introduce bacteria to the bottle, and before you know it, your whole bottle of solution is infected. Hold the bottle above your finger or lens when squirting the solution.

Apply hairspray and other body sprays before putting your lenses in.

If a little hairspray of body spray gets into your eye when you have your contacts in, it can get trapped behind your lens and cause a lot more damage to your eye. Always apply hairspray and other sprays first, and then put your contacts in place. If you get the spray in your "naked" eyes, rinsing it out will be much easier.

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