Eye Health Tips: 3 Eye-Enhancing Foods To Add To Your Diet

Taking care of your eyes involves more than just visiting eye care specialist. You should also eat vision-enhancing foods to help the overall health of your eyes.

Eye-Friendly Foods To Consider

Green and Powerful Kale

The first food that you want to pay some attention to is kale. Kale is a dark leafy vegetables that contains good amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin. These nutrients are found--in high concentrations--in your retina and the macula. The macula region of your eye is there to absorb blue light and is responsible for detailed vision. Making sure that this region is in tip-top shape is in your best interest.

The retina contains the rest of the cones and rods that help absorb other light forms. Your retina helps translate these images into electrical impulses that are then sent to your brain. The aforementioned nutrients are there to keep this region regenerated and working efficiently.

Sweet and Amber Honey

You should also consider adding a bit of honey to your diet. But, you will need to purchase raw honey, which is unaltered and still contains beneficial enzymes and nutrients. You can purchase this in your local health food store, local bee farm, farmer's market, or online. These enzymes and nutrients are easily absorbed by your body and help regulate your system, including your circulatory system. This is the reason that honey is used as an energy booster. Your eyes need good circulation to receive important nutrients.

You should also know that honey contains antioxidants, which help destroy free radicals in your body and eyes. Free radicals are responsible for oxidizing cells and damaging them, something that can cause macular degeneration in your eyes.

Just A Touch Of Salmon

You may also want to add some salmon to your diet because it contains a rare and special antioxidant called astaxanthin. This ingredient is created for the sole purpose of protecting cells from ultraviolet radiation and lack of nutrients. The ingredient is found in salmon because they consume the algae that produce astaxanthin. Studies have shown that this active ingredient helps protect your eyes from blindness, cataracts, glaucoma, and inflammatory eye-related ailments.

Remember that these foods are only meant to help protect you from eye-related ailments. If you have noticed any changes in your vision, be sure to visit your eye care specialist, like those at Gerald A York Opticians, to make sure eye-related issues are caught in time.