Information You Need To Buy Contacts Online That You Might Have Overlooked

Buying contacts online is one easy way to make sure that you get the best price possible for your contacts and that they fit into your budget. However, buying contacts online requires you to be more vigilant about the type your receive, since you are going to be the one choosing the contacts that you purchase, rather than simply being handed the contacts by your pharmacist or doctor. Here is some information that you should keep on hand when buying contacts online that you may have overlooked.   

1. Name of Doctor and Phone Number

The first thing that you are going to need, aside from your name and general contact information, is the name of the doctor and the number at which he or she can be contacted. This is important because the online company might need to verify your prescription with your doctor in order to be able to use your insurance upfront, rather than having you pay for the contacts in full and then be reimbursed later. Make sure that the information you provide here is accurate or else the amount of time it takes for your contact lens order to be processed might be greatly extended.

2. Type of Contact Lenses

Even if you have already put in your prescription information, such as the size and strength of the contact lenses that you need, you are still going to need to specify the type of contacts. For example, if you usually wear contacts that are only good for one day and you do not specify this, then you might be sent contacts that you wear for a month. This can be a huge problem because your insurance might not be expecting this type of contact or not be willing to cover this type of contact. To avoid any problems, make sure that you specify if you want daily contacts, monthly contacts, or contacts that can be worn for extended periods of time. 

3. Expiration Date of Prescription

Finally, you are going to need the expiration date of the prescription for contacts on many websites. Online contact providers require this information because it allows them to make sure that they are not sending your contacts that are not going to be relevant to your current vision ability. This allows them to avoid having to process a lot of returns or reorders. 

For more information, talk to a company that sells contacts online